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We redefined the approach to keeping a journal and came up with an innovative service. LogTime will be your advanced online diary for self-analysis and keeping track of your goals and tasks. So there is no need to hold all the information in your head, because there is a much simpler and effective way!

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Searching for a new apartment or house can be exhausting sometimes because no one actually offers us our dream house. What if we say there’s an app that can offer you that? People from the CIS countries trusted us: they started to use UyXona to rent and buy estate without intermediaries. Finally, moving can be enjoyable for them! With more than $1 billion worth of real estate available on the market, Uyxona will find your dream house in no time!


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Mobile application for remote control of an innovative boiler. A smart boiler differs from conventional devices in fine settings, adaptability to environmental conditions, and very efficient energy consumption. SAM market is worth more than $20 billion.

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