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We redefined the approach to keeping a journal and came up with an innovative service. LogTime will be your advanced online diary for self-analysis and keeping track of your goals and tasks. So there is no need to hold all the information in your head, because there is a much simpler and effective way!

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Crypto Portfolio
Seed round raised

Here we built the new generation of crypto portfolio tracker. It will take your gains to the next level. Track your crypto and altcoin portfolios, get real-time news and strategize your crypto gains with the many built-in tools.


Social & Healthcare
State Funded

Post Money Valuation 3m+

Have you ever heard of a community advisory board? Imagine a place, where researchers from all around the world can work together to develop life and health solutions to make our life greater and better. Therefore we created GROV, an app to connect all community leaders and members together for better teamwork.


E-Commerce & Entertainment
Seed round raised

Post-money Valuation – $3m+

What if we take the crazy TikTok interface and add the craigslist concept? Cool, isn’t it? We also thought sales would become more fun! That’s why we created Kimit. Sales are excepted more fun, faster and more personalized more than ever before! Meanwhile, the global social commerce market size expects to reach $3,500 billion by 2028.

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Real Estate
$500,000 raised

Post-money Valuation – $3m+

Searching for a new apartment or house is so annoying sometimes, because no one can offer us our dream house. What if we say there’re people that can offer it? People from the CIS counties trusted us: they started to use UyXona, our platform to rent and buy estate without intermediaries. Finally, moving is a miracle for them! With more than $1 billion serviceable available market our solution is the leader there.


Seed round raised

Post Money Valuation 5m+

Mobile application for remote control of the innovative boiler. A smart boiler differs from conventional devices in fine settings, adaptability to environmental conditions, and very efficient energy consumption. SAM market is more than $20 billion.

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