Notion is an application that allows users to manage and create all kinds of stuff. It is a collaboration platform that integrates databases, Kanban boards, notes, tasks, reminders, etc. Notion has been the most favorable workspace of individuals and teams that lets you achieve maximum productivity with various features. However, many have been waiting for the Notion API that would allow everyone to tailor the software to their own needs. Notion announced their API in public beta on May 13this year, which is a big first step to whole new customized features to become available on Notion.

What is Notion?

Notion is an all-in-one workspace where you can create, manage, organize, collaborate, plan – it provides components like notes, databases, reminders, wikis, Kanban boards, etc. You can combine these elements to create your own system for project management, data management, or establish your team’s new workspace. Notion is a cross-platform application available on the web, mobile, and on your desktops.

Notion is a single workspace organized for everything that a productive individual or team might need. It is a space of every need-to-know and need-to-do. Notion can be a platform for you to share your thoughts, manage projects or even run an entire company. This is a workspace that offers a clean open surface with organized and unlimited pages that you can design as you want.

Why Work Teams Choose Notion

Everyone needs space for clarity and organization. We always want information to be there where we need it, be it when we work alone or in a team of hundreds. When you work in teams, you can share a workspace with everyone so that the whole team has the same source of information. Notion gives teams a lot of benefits that allow them to achieve maximum productivity, for example:

  1. Take notes: you can capture notes and manage them in any way that you like wherever you are and whenever you want. Notion remembers all your to-do’s, reminders, your thoughts, and your creative new ideas. 

  2. Get organized: your reading list, your goals, tasks, budget – instead of using multiple apps for so many things, you can easily organize all your info in one place. Notion lets you manage all your information as you like it and organize your home base however you see it simpler.

  3.   Display info as you like it: when you are working in big teams you want to manage plenty of information the way you interpret it the best. Notions lets you display information as you need it: by status, calendar, priority, assigned members, sprints, etc.

  4. Multiple home bases: in Notion you can create unlimited pages, pages into pages, and pages into pages into pages; it lets you give each team their own home base to manage their progress.

  5. Track tasks: keeping track of tasks can be often exhausting and inexact. Basic checklists and detailed project boards allow you to turn tasks into action and make what needs to be done.

  6. Track deals: big companies often struggle with tracking deals and miss huge opportunities. In Notion, teams can track their deals from the beginning to the signing of a contract. Sharing live information of company deals with all team members will allow them to understand which ones to focus on.

  7. Onboard employees: teams can welcome newcomers and keep them updated on the company’s work on Notion. Onboarding new employees can be very easy by sharing workspaces and assigning tasks to the newcomers.

  8. Get better: Notion is not just a workplace. With the integrated habit tracker, reading lists, goal tracker – no matter in what way you want to improve, Notion lets you achieve goals and be productive.

  9. Build websites: you can make any page in Notion a website that will be publicly accessible. You can publish your resume, experiences, or build a personal website that will connect you with everyone and everywhere.

Notion is the workspace of many teams and companies. The all-in-one workspace lets everyone grow and develop more than before. Notion has been many companies’ first choice for its simplicity, while it still allows you to accomplish complex tasks. There are a lot of other great features that Notion offers, such as drag & drop, clear navigation, collaboration in real time, synced blocks, and more.

Notion API (Application Programming Interface)

Notion announced their API in public beta back in May 2021 and they’re saying this is just the beginning. Notion API will allow individuals and businesses to connect other software and services to Notion. This is a very big turning point for Notion because many users have been waiting for the API to synchronize this platform with other software/services they use.

Application Programming Interface is a type of software interface offering a service to other software. It is a connection between computer programs. In the case of Notion, API serves as a bridge that lets individuals and work teams add other software/services to their Notion workspace instead of using a separate app. This allows users to spend less time switching between apps and increase the connection between software and services they use.

In order for you to add software to Notion you first need to create an integration. After that, you will need to share pages with this integration for the pages to be accessed by the Notion API. This will allow the integration to read, write and edit the database you gave it access to. Consequently, you may open your terminal, establish a project directory, and you should save your Notion API key and the Database ID as environment variables. For more detailed guidance on how to make an API request using the Notion API, you can visit Notion.Developers.


What Integrations are Already on Notion?

IFTTT (If This Then That) has been one of the most wanted integrations of the Notion community. This allows Notion to become a part of the ecosystem of 700+ apps and devices. You can now build a page in Notion with Alexa or Siri, synchronize to-do lists across apps, and more.

AtSpoke allows small businesses to manage their company requests and team members can answer team questions on Notion pages.

Chilipepper lets users create customized forms on Notion pages. You can create customized forms with any questions, designs, numbers, and more!


Integromat can automate processes that were before done manually. Integromat can connect Notion with Google Sheets, Pocket, GitHub, Telegram, Google Calendar, Slack, Discord, Twitter, and more. lets you connect Salesforce, Zendesk, Intercom, and more than 600 other apps to automate business processes.

These and many other services can already be integrated into your Notion pages that will synchronize, simplify and speed up your work processes.

Ptolemay is a Huge Fan of Notion

Our team at Ptolemay uses Notion as the major workspace. We share information, capture notes, track tasks, use Kanban boards, build websites on Notion, and many more. Ptolemay has seen a significant increase in productivity and growth since we started shifting our work processes from different apps to Notion. Our team has been collaborating on and managing numerous projects on Notion that have given only a positive result.

Ptolemay, like many other companies, has been waiting for the Notion API. We are a team that likes to build new things and simplify work processes. We have been building apps and websites for our clients with this motto as well. We have great plans to build software/services and integrate them through Notion API that will benefit users. If you want to stay informed and notified when we’ll launch our product to Notion you can follow us on our social media profiles


This and more to Come on Notion

Notion has been a real game-changer in organizing and managing huge amounts of information. All types of people, like bloggers, writers, artists, students and even companies with thousands of employees have been using Notion as their main workspace. Notion has already been an amazing platform to self-improve and achieve maximum productivity, but there is no doubt that the Notion API will only help users continue growing and achieving their goals. Notion is the all-in-one workspace for millions of users around the globe!

Written by Luka Botchorishvili

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