Mobile app development has become a trend that is no longer something that people have to google to find out about it. It has become very common and popular among businesses, startups, brands, and almost every aspect of our life. Today, it is very unlikely to see some area of our life that is not supported by a mobile app. The constantly rising use of smartphones and the affordability to build an app have been cooperating to offer a huge number of new apps to users. Mobile applications can be very useful for many reasons and in this article our team at Ptolemay has prepared a detailed inside look at why people want to build apps today. Enjoy!

Where is Mobile App Development Today?

Mobile app development is now at its peak! There are so many individuals and businesses that demand apps and therefore, the number of mobile development companies and developers is rising as well. There are so many aspects in which app development is booming now.

To illustrate, one very popular area of app development is chatbots. The demand for chatbots has been huge recently as they are a great way to integrate a custom service in a mobile app and work on such a CRM (Customer Relationship Management).

Another recent trend is the rise of voice-chat apps. Since Clubhouse shocked the whole world with its billion-dollar worth in one year, existing messenger apps have been integrating voice-chatting features in their apps, while others have been using creative ideas to build new custom “Clubhouse Alternative” voice-chat apps.

Since smartphones have been adopting the whole foldable mobile devices trend, mobile development has been challenged to start building apps for Foldables. With Samsung, Huawei, LG, Motorola, and other companies having introduced foldable smartphones, app developers have worked on improving and adapting user experience on such mobile devices. The same story happened once smartwatches were brought to the world. Mobile developers had to adapt UX/UI to the small screens that users wear on their screens and they have done their job quite well!

But this is not all that app development has been busy with. Mobile development has been engaging with integrating ML (Machine Learning), AI (Artificial Intelligence), AR (Augmented Reality), and many more into mobile devices. These have been behind the success of applications, such as FaceApp or Pokémon Go. These trends have made many apps successful and are still being used for different reasons, like for online maps.

In addition to all the trends that mobile development has surprised us with, we should not forget about how easier our life has become since we are able to use mobile wallets. Purchasing has become so easy that with a tap on your phone or even on your watch you can buy anything you wish for. People didn’t need cash when they got credit/debit cards, while now they do not even need those because they got their phones/watches. Apple Pay and Google Wallet have made our lives easier and they are definitely going to change our interaction with purchasing goods.

Overall, it has been proven that mobile development is never going to stop. Technology is never finished developing, there are always new trends, new ideas, innovations that will drive these things. Mobile app development is now going full speed and bringing innovations with every step it goes. It has made our lives better and more fun and it will continue to do so in the future.

There Are So Many App Startups!

Startups are launching every day and there are numerous app startups or those that need an app for their business idea. Having a mobile app for a startup is a very important and, in some cases, even a decisive factor. An app can not only support the main business idea but it can be a great aspect for raising further investments. There are also a lot of startups with creative and innovative app ideas that are in the process of building their app. Be it one way or another, it can be said that in 2021 a mobile app is essential for startups, and here is why:

Utilizing Attention:

Whenever customers download your app, you will have their attention. This can serve as another way of communicating with them, notifying them about updates, sales, launching events, etc. When you have a customer that uses your mobile app, it is so much easier to get them to subscribe to or purchase your services/goods.

Targeting Bigger Audiences:

Since today’s world is becoming more and more mobile, startups must keep up with its pace. Having a website or even a web app is not enough to be a part of your customers’ lives. People today carry mobile phones everywhere they go and because of that, the use of PCs and laptops has decreased dramatically. With a mobile app, you can target and reach much bigger potential audiences!

Customer Service:

A mobile app can be the easiest way to communicate with customers. This will allow startups to find out more information about their clientele and gain more feedback. When startups develop an MVP the first thing they seek is valuable customer feedback! Be it an app startup or not, a mobile app might actually be the most effective and efficient way to receive customer feedback and further develop your product!

Building a Brand and Customer Loyalty:

Many people are still asking themselves why companies like Nike, Adidas, Louis Vuitton, Burberry, etc. are some of the most successful brands in the world? The answer is that they were able to build a brand and establish strong customer loyalty. All these companies have mobile apps that have played a significant role in their success story. A mobile app can help you build a brand that people will be major fans of and most importantly a brand that they will stay loyal to! If you are interested in how exactly businesses build and benefit from mobile apps, you can read our article Building a Business Mobile App in 2021? Here’s What You Need to Know – Ptolemay

Boost Sales:

Whatever startup one may launch, it will most likely need a way to generate revenue. Depending on the startup, some might think that a website will be the biggest income source, but this might be very wrong. A mobile app is a great place to generate more revenue not only by the service/goods that the startup offers but by integrating ads. However, even without advertisements, a mobile app can boost sales and increase profit!

Startups Featured at Ptolemay

Many startups with creative ideas have approached us at Ptolemay to help them bring their ideas to mobile devices. We have been partners of such startups like LogTime (online diary for keeping track of goals & tasks), BlockGains (crypto portfolio tracker), Grov (social & healthcare app), KIMIT (e-commerce & entertainment), UyXona (platform to buy real estate), and many more. You can have a more detailed look at our featured startups in Ptolemay’s portfolio

Great Reasons for You to Build a Mobile App

You might be thinking what kind of app do you want to create? It can be anything you wish for and anything you are passionate about! You might want to develop an app for gaming, fitness, social & healthcare, e-commerce, food services, entertainment, media, travel, a new messenger, voice-chat app, etc. The list just keeps going and you are the one who makes the choice!

All someone needs to start building an app is an idea! Once you have the idea, you begin working hard to bring your vision to life!

If you already have some sort of business or run a company you might want to consider developing an app for it. Mobile apps are a huge tool that will help increase your brand awareness. Once your customers see that you provide real value, they will be more engaged in your brand. This will definitely bring you more customers to the lower end of your sales funnel. This way your app will skyrocket your sales and bring in more revenue. Today, people find it far easier to shop directly through smartphones rather than going out to the store. Considering today’s pandemic situation, mobile apps have been real saviors to thousands of companies.

On the other hand, mobile apps are very effective and beneficial when you build a new messenger, social app, or even a new game. A person with a unique and innovative idea is all it takes to create the new Facebook, WhatsApp, or Clubhouse. All these huge companies were just ideas in the beginning but now they are worth billions!

Investing in a mobile app in 2021 is the real deal. Mobile apps have a huge role in the growing technology and have transformed the way businesses connect with their customers. The global mobile app market is worth over $170 billion and is projected to surpass $400 billion by 2026. Mobile apps have been a tool to reach global audiences and make a change in the whole world!

Ptolemay Supports Every Creative Idea and Bring It to Mobile Devices

Ptolemay has been in the mobile app development business since the beginning of this new tech era that we live in now. Ptolemay has worked with outstanding creators and entrepreneurs to make a change in this fast-growing industry. We have helped startups build mobile apps that have millions of downloads and are used daily. Ptolemay is not just an app developer, we are a team that brings innovation to your smartphones. Every person can come up with an outstanding idea that can change the direction towards which technology is moving. It only takes a single mind and a single idea to change the world! Are you ready?


Written by Luka Botchorishvili

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