Mobile app development has become the biggest priority for startups and businesses in 2021. The mobile market was valued at over $170 billion in 2020 and is projected to continue growing in the coming years. Do you want to be part of this growth? Are you ready to hop in and start developing your app? Let’s go!

Developing a Mobile App in 2021 – Why Should You Do It?

Mobile applications are not just pieces of software that people challenge themselves to understand but rather an essential part of our everyday lives. Almost all aspects of our daily routines are linked to mobile applications, beginning with an app for our toothbrush in the morning and ending with an app that tracks our sleep at night!

Mobile apps are a must-have for businesses in 2021. This is not just because of the pandemic situation, though the aforementioned has certainly helped matters. Since more and more people are consistently using mobile devices, the need for an app in order to run your business successfully and operate efficiently has become higher than ever!

As mentioned previously, the pandemic has also boosted the demand for and usage of mobile apps. Many businesses have made the switch to online and mobile markets, which has also been the key factor to their success during lockdown periods; businesses without these abilities suffered. People are demanding that more stores, groceries, fashion shops, consumer electronics retailers, and sellers/providers in every other industry develop an app so that consumers can access the same goods/services they expect right from their smartphones at home.

Businesses have shown that having mobile apps can increase brand awareness and make your business stand out from those that do not. Companies also make better impressions on their customers when they offer them an opportunity to connect through their smartphones.

For a good while, businesses have been developing websites to attract bigger audiences and increase their customer engagement. Though this is good, it is not enough to achieve the ambitious goals that businesses desire to meet. Mobile apps are not just a company’s website in app format but are rather platforms that offer a totally different user experience, attract an even bigger audience, and build strong customer relationships with the brand!

For your company, whether it is well-established or just starting out, now is the best time to take a chance and build a strong mobile presence. Being online in some capacity and having a storefront somewhere in the world is fine but being right in the smartphones of your consumers allows for a stronger and more lasting connection.

Why Invest in Mobile Apps? Facts You Should Acknowledge

Mobile apps have become the best route for success for millions of businesses. As evidenced by the pandemic, now over a year in duration, businesses have no other option than going online or ideally, MOBILE! A large number of startups today are considering launching an app alongside their business in order to keep up with their industry.

According to Statista, there were over 14 billion mobile devices in use worldwide in 2020 and this number is only going to increase. In 2020, consumers downloaded 218 billion mobile apps to their devices. As more people use smartphones and download apps, so grows the demand for a bigger variety of applications and custom UX/UIs.

The global mobile application market was valued at around $170 billion in 2020 and it is forecasted to rise to over $400 billion by 2026. The huge projected growth is largely due to the corresponding demand from existing and starting businesses to develop an app.

Having an App for Your Business: Top Benefits

Marketing and Direct Communication

Mobile apps bring your customers even closer to you and create a whole new level of connection with your brand. Apps enable you to quickly and effectively share new products, discounts, and special offers with consumers. Businesses can also receive valuable information on consumer behavior, demographics, geographical regions, and much more! All of this data will help a brand properly acknowledge the demand for their product/service and consequently develop better marketing strategies, set accessible goals, and increase sales.

Strong Customer Engagement

Mobile apps play a crucial role for B2C companies that want to increase customer engagement and increase the number of loyal consumers in their customer funnel. When someone is searching for your product/service you should be able to keep them engaged long enough that they turn into a loyal customer.

Customers always want to have their voices heard, whether what they have to say is a complaint, feedback, or appraisal. Apps are superior for this. Consumers can communicate with the company’s staff right from their smartphones and therefore improve and strengthen their relationship with the brand.

Increased Brand Recognition

Every business spends tons of money on advertising via social media, paid search, broadcasting, displays, etc. Today, businesses need to use a more unique format so they can elevate their brand recognition. For this, an app is the best option!

Today, a mobile app can take over both brand recognition and brand awareness. Through regular interactions with your target market, you can receive more trust and loyalty. If a business uses their mobile app to help consumers better understand their product, their brand’s identity, and/or vision, consumers will become more committed to the brand itself.

Boosts Sales

A mobile app can do more than appears at first glance. Businesses offer special sales and loyalty programs all the time and making these options available in an app will keep consumers there much longer.

Through this, people would not only be more engaged with the brand, but they will also look forward to making purchases to earn bonuses or some sort of rewards that will bring you, the business, nothing but profit!

You Stand Out from The Crowd!

One of the major focuses of an app is to make a business stand out from its competitors, as well as offering custom designs, ideas, and UX/UI. Upon finding out that you are also available in the Google Play/App Store, consumers will be delighted to have convenient and constant access to your products/services from their devices. Today is the best time to consider developing an app, while your competitors are still busy paying thousands for billboards and Google Ads.

Factors to Review Before Kickoff!

Plan Ahead

Before you reach out to a mobile development company, you may want to plan out a vision for the development of your app. You may first want to decide what you will be using the app for, as well as its main objectives, key roles, etc. You might also want to decide your budget for the project and define a possible deadline for it. The more specifications and details you provide the mobile development company with, the more accurately and efficiently they will be able to work on your app!

Besides, you can come up with an idea for your app and reach out to a development company like Ptolemay, or make use of consulting services.

Develop an MVP (Minimum Viable Product)

Developing an MVP will let you test your app and see how consumers respond. An MVP serves as a tester to the consumers and an overview for investors, if needed, and is the best way to get real feedback. The MVP will let you and your development team recognize how to improve your app and shape it into its ideal form before officially launching it to the public!

Choose Wisely

Mobile application development takes time and hard work, so when you are choosing a development company, be sure that you will be able to cooperate efficiently and work on the project in the most productive way possible!

You should do research, compare different companies with each other, and maybe even meet with some of them online to discuss your vision in advance to see if and how they will be able to help you.

Ptolemay is a product development team that has lots of experience in the field. This is evidenced by the variety of apps they have developed. Ptolemay develops on cross-platform software, which means they develop on multiple platforms simultaneously. This lets businesses save time, money, and resources while still getting the same (if not higher) quality of results as well as custom UX/UI for your app!


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