With all the hype and attention given to Clubhouse and the new trend of voice chatting, the whole communication industry is shifting in a new direction. The global mobile application market is valued at hundreds of billions of dollars, and there is clear explanation. 2021 has already shown how a new creative idea that was once a startup can snowball and become the subject matter for the headlines of major blogs and magazines worldwide. Clubhouse has proven its ability to grow, and it is now at its peak. However, this may only be the beginning of many other better voice chat applications coming to the market.

What is Clubhouse?

Clubhouse is a voice chatting app where people can listen to or participate in conversations on any topic. This app is designed mainly for people to listen to experts or celebrities talk about something of particular interest, but is also a platform where friends and family can create live chat rooms to discuss personal matters.

The app was launched in April 2020, and since then has gained around 10 million users. As perfect as the app may seem, is it the best platform for every person’s need to chat and share their opinions, knowledge, expertise, ideas, or problems? Probably not. Clubhouse may be a great platform in many aspects, but we believe there can be voice chatting platforms dedicated to specific groups of people, such as families, bloggers, singles, truckers, and many more!

How Has Clubhouse Grown?

Clubhouse launched in April of 2020. In May, it had just 1,500 users and yet the company was already worth $100 million. In February of 2021, the number of users grew to 3.5 million, and in just two more weeks the app more than doubled its users to a staggering 8.1 million. When examining today’s data, Clubhouse is a unicorn startup valued at $1 billion; a number that was achieved in just one year!

There are multiple reasons for the app’s number of users and value skyrocketing in such a short period of time. One of them is the conversation that took place between Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and Tesla/SpaceX CEO Elon Musk accompanied by Robinhood CEO Vlad Tenev on the app. The talk took place on the 31st of January, 2021, and it blew up in China, which resulted in massive downloads in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Japan! This generated a nearly 15% growth in users.

Another aspect that generated thousands of new users was the live performance of The Lion King on Clubhouse. This took place in December of 2020, when musicians and actors performed Lion King live on the app. Clubhouse downloads nearly doubled afterward.

Clubhouse drew a lot of attention to itself when people found out that it was an invitation-only app. This increased the desire to get the app and become a user, so people began to download it and bring their friends and family to the app with their invitations.

Clubhouse also gained popularity by bringing something new to the community. The app replaced text messaging, which can sometimes be tedious, with voice chats. They also provided video calls that increase the user’s privacy at the same time. This made it easier and more fun for users to communicate while engaging in multitasking whilst working, getting ready, doing laundry, or even grocery shopping!

The Growing Industry

Today, existing apps are putting forth efforts to adapt to the growing trend and include a voice chat feature for their users. The biggest competitor is Telegram, an enormous and powerful messenger with over 500 million users. The app added a voice chat feature before Christmas in 2020 for their cross-platform app, and it has been adapted to by the users very quickly. It should also be noted that Telegram users that used to voice chat in Clubhouse have now received the same opportunity from their previously trusted app.

Not only existing messengers have been adding features to challenge Clubhouse, as there are people today striving to get out new ideas that will become Clubhouse 2.0. There are over 5 billion mobile internet users in the world, and the global mobile application market is worth over $150 billion. That number is projected to grow above $400 billion by 2026, and there is a reason for this. Businesses and individuals are entering the mobile app market knowing that it is the key to true success in today’s world. Clubhouse is the best example of this. It is an app that has been around for about a year and is already a former startup valued at $1 billion. The industry’s most significant and fastest-growing trend has become voice chatting. This results in people wanting to bring something even more valuable and successful than Clubhouse to the market. Here are some ideas of potential Clubhouse “challengers.”

New Clubhouse-Esque App Ideas

For Families

A voice chatting app designed for families could enable big families that are spread across different countries, regions, and all around the globe to chat together, share new experiences, and make new memories. Considering that many people cannot see their loved ones in today’s offline world, creating a platform exclusively for them would be the best solution.

Many would say that there already are apps such as WhatsApp, Telegram, IMO, and many more where families can call each other. Still, the idea behind a ‘clubhouse’ just for families is providing a quick and easily accessible platform in which family members can join the conversation whenever they are free and could create online rooms in a faster and easier way, without having to schedule a call and discuss ten or more different possible available times for each family member.

For Bloggers

An app developed especially for bloggers to chat and share their experiences and ideas sounds amazing. Bloggers could join live conversations and share ideas about new topics to blog about, new blogging standards, or even new methods of blogging.

It could also be open to video bloggers (vloggers) and their discussion of locations for their vlogs or new equipment to shoot better videos on (cameras, drones, or new technologies like 3-axis gimbals). The new ‘clubhouse’ for bloggers could give beginning and experienced bloggers the opportunity to gather in the same online room and have a voice chat about recent trends, past experiences, possible collaborations, and many more!

For Dating

Yes, there are already too many dating apps and websites out there that people can use to find their soulmate, but a new ‘clubhouse’ for dating could have the perfect shot at being a game-changer! The new app could bring together two people with the same interests, as in every other app, and give them a chance to have a chat about whatever they feel like talking about. Just by talking with another person, and not even needing to see them, one can get close to the other and see if they are a suitable match for them. Video calls are great, and they have many advantages for dating. However, the voice-only feature gives people more privacy, and most importantly, people can find exciting individuals to date in the future!

For Truckers

The trucker’s (people who drive long distances on trucks/lorries) primary focus is to get the truck from point A to point B. There aren’t many activities that truckers can engage in during their drive, but a new app that keeps drivers interested and entertained along the long route would be an incredible creation. The app would allow truckers to voice chat with other drivers, discuss different topics, share their experiences, and much more. This app can create new friendships and fellowships, while it could also allow truckers to find other drivers with similar routes and plan to stop for lunch and meet each other in person. This would add tons of interest and engagement to the whole long-distance drive!

For Networking

Networking has proven to be a fantastic tool for getting in touch with interesting people and even making new connections with professionals to cooperate with in the future. An app designed just for this purpose could serve as an emerging platform for easier and more accessible networking opportunities. People from all kinds of backgrounds and professions could meet online and have voice chats to share information and build up their social or professional contacts!

For School

A new Clubhouse-type app could be developed for both teachers/professors and pupils/students. It could let teachers share information about upcoming exams, new topics to discuss in class, share class materials, and discuss new student engagement ideas. On the other hand, students can also talk about their homework and group presentations as well as discuss topics, opinions, and brainstorm ideas for any upcoming group work!

Corporate ‘Clubhouse’ for Use Within a Company Among Employees

This concept for an app outlined below is a fantastic product development objective that we have created for one of our clients. The app’s idea is a corporate voice chat feature that allows colleagues and co-workers to meet in an online room and discuss work-related issues. Employees could schedule daily meetings or gather up spontaneously to discuss an idea without having to get all dressed up because they’re worried their boss will have to see them in their PJs. This would almost have the same purpose as a walkie-talkie/handheld transceiver, while the company wouldn’t have to pay an extra $300 for every pair, but instead could just have their employees download the app! This could become something that would make workflows much more efficient and could be used by most companies worldwide.

Why More New ‘Clubhouses’ Are Needed

Clubhouse is a great new app already with millions of users. It was created mainly for people to listen to experts or celebrities have live conversations and have the opportunity to be a part of a live podcast-type of voice chat. The app has been very successful over the last year, but may not be a perfect match for every person. There are plenty of ideas for new voice chat apps that would target different groups of users, such as families, truckers, those desperate to find a partner, teachers, co-workers, and many more. All these ideas could not only help many people communicate and chat in a faster and easier way, but they could also be the beginning of a new way of interaction in the 21st century! The global mobile application market is growing at an incredible pace, and people are making huge profits from it. 2021 is proof of how apps can become the number one headline worldwide, and aside from Clubhouse, there are still plenty of apps coming to change the world. Are you someone who plans to do that? Let’s see…

 Written by | Luka Botchorishvili

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